Friday, May 8, 2009

May 1, 2009

Around 1:00 this morning Angie was up counting her contraction. Then the next thing you know it was like Niagara Falls in the bathroom. I mean it was like the first day we moved into the new house in Richmond Hill the bathroom flooded. Anyways after the flood had came and passed then we went on to the hospital. We got there around 3:15, we had gone to the entrance to find out that it was all locked up and then all of a sudden an angel came out of no where (aka sercuity lady) to help us to get the door. Then we got up to the room and just sat there. I thought that we were going to get there and boom the baby was going to fly out of the hole, but that was not how it went down. Well meantime it was Grandma, Tammie, Taylor, and me sitting there waiting for Angie to push  Aubree out, as we all sat there bored out of are minds. So to pass time I played games with Angie and dressed her up with hospital items.(caption to the up) Then after all the games with Angie she said that she ready to push out Aubree. Well that did not happen either, because Angie said that she was just to tired and could not do it. What a little wimp, all she had to do was push. Ok what really what happened was that Aubree was just to fat of a baby and she could not follow the white rabbit that was running late for a very imorpant date. After all that Angie to to be rushed to have an emergency C-section. Let me tell you if you have never seen that all before you have to go is rent the movie Aliens and you will get the same effect. So at 2:16 Aubree Peighton Vesey was born and a whole new life is beginning for all of us.     

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